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Slow Chawan Fetish - The Everything of Tea Bowls

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Escape to Slow Clay Centre and learn the art of quiet expression.

Slow Clay Centre specialises in ceramics education and offers an extensive variety of ceramics and pottery classes throughout the year. Classes are offered on a weekly basis by the term, intensive weekends and short courses, and a rich variety of one-day guest artist workshops and forums. Catering for children and adults, from beginners to the more skilled, everyone can learn the art of working with clay.

Our unique "Slow Clay" method for teaching the pottery wheel, established by Slow Clay Centre director and ceramic artist Jane Sawyer, has been practised for more than twenty years. Based on the Japanese techniques she studied as an apprentice in Japan, the "Slow Clay" method offers ergonomic best-practice and provides a solid foundation for personal expression and confidence with clay.

Based in a new inner-city studio in Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia, Jane Sawyer is now joined by a range of other professional ceramic artists and experienced teachers, all leaders in their fields, who offer equally high-level teaching in a broad variety of topics. Together they offer guest artist workshops and forums, creating a vibrant community of enthusiasts.

Welcome to Slow Clay Centre where you can be sure to learn from some of the best!

We invite you join our monthly e-newsletter and to contact us to join our lessons to experience our passion for and addiction to clay!

"Slow Clay Centre provides exceptional quality international standard teaching right here in Melbourne by some of our most respected ceramic artists." - Joe Pascoe, Director Craft Victoria, 2012.

Term 3, 2015: update:

Term 3 weekly courses are now open for booking. Term 3 dates: 22 July - 9 September. You can enrol online with $100 non-refundable deposit or via phone on 99437844 and arrange another way! We are active on Facebook and Instagram and if you sign up for our e-newsletter you will be notified of any new classes when they open and will be first to know for next term.
Hope you can join us!!

Please register your interest by emailing us here...

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