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Mon, 07 Oct 1:00PM - Mon, 02 Dec 3:30PM
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Term 4 (Unit 7 & 8) of the 2019 Professional Development Program (PDP) at Slow Clay Centre is active for booking: 28 August, 2019.

Unit 7:  7 – 28 Oct, Mondays 1-3.30pm
Ceramics in Context: with Gary McPhedran

“We do not work alone”, the famous words of Japanese artist, poet, and one of the Mingei founders of the 20th century, Kanjiro Kawai, points to the importance community, of connectedness and of the understanding of what has come before. This unit, Ceramics in Context, aims to offer a thorough interpretation and analysis of ceramics in the context of contemporary art, design, craft and Australian contemporary practice.

Tutor Gary Macphedran, joins Slow Clay Centre with a comprehensive ceramics teaching career and MA in museum practice and a deep love of ceramics and knowledge of Australian ceramics in particular.

Unit 8: 11 Nov – 2 Dec, Mondays 1-3.30pm
Business & Marketing Toolkit with Ingrid Tufts 

Unit 8: Business & Marketing Toolkit lead by experienced ceramic artist Ingrid Tufts, will present a series of topics that relate to product and business development. Different types of creative making practices, ways of getting work out into the world and how to keep track of the business side of your making practice are covered. You are encouraged to bring examples of your own work for discussion and Ingrid will use many hands-on examples of work. The outcomes of this course are practical ideas, resources and strategies that you can apply to your own practice.

Ingrid Tufts: is a Designer + Maker working in Melbourne, Australia. Ingrid specialises in design and short run production of handmade ceramic tableware and objects and has a large client list ranging from retailers, galleries, restaurants, cafes to cultural organisations and commercial corporations. Ingrid’s studio is located in the light industrial area of Ringwood and includes production facilities, equipment for prototyping and space for professional development. She often works with other artists resulting in many collaborations over the years. She is always curious to learn new skills and master different techniques which keeps her practice fresh and interesting. Ingrid is an experienced tutor and we are thrilled to have her lead this Unit 8 of the PDP program at Slow Clay Centre. 

Gary Macphedran: Gary is an experienced art teacher with comprehensive knowledge of ceramics history and is passionate about Australian ceramics. He is building a new studio in Gippsland and is excited by the possibilities the future offers since recently retiring from a teaching career. He was famously heard to say he would never teach again since retiring but we managed to persuade him of his civic duty because, well, there’s no one quite like Gary! 

The PDP course of study can be joined in any term. It is planned to cycle through the 8 study units (2 per term) each year which is why each term is offered separately to enrol.

The PDP content is designed to supplement our practical studio subjects to expand what we can offer our students. The program has been developed to create a significant pathway to professional practice or more serious study. Eight units of study make up a broad and comprehensive foundation for continued development in areas that are not covered in our practical studio courses. Each term is offered for enrolment separately but priority is given to the previous term’s students. Each term consists of two different but synergistic units of study taught by industry leaders, experienced teachers and practicing artists, who will bring extraordinary inspiration and insight to the program.

Content: The study units in 2019 are:
Term 1: Drawing with Sarah Tomasetti and Design with Simon Lloyd (bookings closed)
Term 2: Clay, Kilns & Firingwith Robert Barron and Glaze Development* with Greg Daly (bookings closed)
Term 3: From Thinking To Doing with Pilar Rojas and Finding Your Passion with Jane Sawyer (bookings closed)
Term 4: Ceramics & Context with Gary Macphedran and Business & Marketing Toolkit with Ingrid Tufts (Bookings open 28 August)

2020 Study Units will be posted in November 2019.

When: All units held Mondays 1-3.30pm

Fees: Term 4 fees: $480 (continuing students) $535(new students)

Bookings: Each term will open for booking on the dates above.



Please note: Deposits are a commitment to attend. They are non-refundable and the balance must be paid in full three weeks before the start date. When paying by deposit online the balance will be automatically deducted from the same credit card three weeks before the course start date through our booking agency We Teach Me or you will be given a link to click and pay. Please note: due to limited places and high demand, if the balance is not received before the required date we reserve the right to offer your place to someone on our cancellation list.

Please choose your classes carefully. Due to our limited class sizes once you've booked and paid either the deposit or the full fee, we will only refund what you have paid if the class is cancelled. If you are unable to attend you may transfer your booking to a friend for no charge or, provided we can fill your place, we can hold your payment in credit for up to 12 months for a future course. Please note: we do not take any responsibility for pre-existing health issues that may be exacerbated by being in our studio. Please seek a doctor's opinion or ask us if you need moe information.

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