Grace Brown started as a student at Slow Clay Centre then became an Intern and then our Technical assistant. She now she teaches Beginners wheel classes whilst undertaking a Masters in Education (Art) at Melbourne Uni. Grace is testament to our commitment to a developmental learning pathway and is now a recognised emerging artist. Her practice goes by the name of Oh Hey Grace and her work has been exhibited in the National Gallery Victoria design store (2016), Cooked at Lamington Drive Gallery(2017), and in The DesignFiles Open House (2017).

Grace began her design training at RMIT University (Vis Arts, Fashion) and then worked abroad in various fashion houses in London such as Mary Katrantzou and costume designer Charle Le Mindu. On returning to Australia in 2013 Grace unlocked a new burst of creative energy when she connected with ceramics at Slow Clay and continues to develop her practice inspired by architectural elements from the Bauhaus and Memphis design movements.