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Join Crosshatched‘s Sandra Bowkett and Ann Ferguson and their two guests, the fabulous Rajasthani potters Manohar Lal and Aasha Ram, for an intimate evening of demonstrations and discussions, a film, and some Indian refreshments.

Participants will have a chance to have a go on a traditional Indian momentum wheel and marvel at the potter’s techniques, passed down from generations before. Sandra will delve into the history of Kumarghram village and life in the Rajasthan potteries & the contemporary significance of tea vessels and water jars.


WHERE: 13 Keele St, Collingwood

ENTRY FEE: By donation. Our booking service requires us to make a fee so we have suggested $10 which will cover a samosa and a beer but please bring some extra cash if you feel generous and wish to donate to the potters and to Crosshatched! All money received goes to support the good work of Crosshatched to continue to make cultural connections between artist’s communities.