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TENT TALKS @ The Pottery Expo!

TENT TALKS @The Pottery Expo

Slow Clay Centre has been a proud contributor to The Pottery Expo from 2016 – 2022 by instigating and facilitating a rich program of educational talks and forums. Cheekily naming them the Tent Talks (a nod to the famous Ted Talks), our aim is to both educate aspiring clay workers and to inspire the general public by deepening awareness and understanding of materials, processes and concepts relating to ceramics. The panel discussions involve many of the artists showing at The Pottery Expo plus external people and the talks are free to all!   

2023 update: We have sadly decided to pause the Tent Talks program at The Pottery Expo for now. We will re-assess what is possible for the future but the program was incredibly time consuming to organise and the ravages of Covid have made it difficult for us to continue without financial support. However we hope to pop up either at the Pottery Expo again or somewhere else in the future and in the meantime we pledge to continue our rich program of educational forums in our studio space at Slow Clay Centre in Collingwood. We encourage you to sign up to our mailing list to be the first to hear about them. 

A huge thank you to The Pottery Expo for inviting us to partner with them for all these years and to the numerous artists for presenting their incredible work, and to the many, many people who attended our often packed annual program. It’s been a blast! 

See examples of some films we made of the past talks below:  

Jann Kesby & Rob Barron discuss wood firing and their work

IAC members Prue Venables, Ted Secombe and Jane Sawyer

Sandy Lockwood & Su Hanna discuss wood firing and their work

Kate Jones, Parker Lev Dupain and Judith Roberts raise questions about sustainability

IAC members Janet DeBoos & Sally Walk discuss the IAC and their work

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