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After not having done any pottery for about 20 years it was great to get a taste of what I was missing. The Japanese ergonomic technique was different from what I was used to but was great for my posture. The demonstrations and instructions given by Jane where clear and the pace sufficient, especially as I had not done any throwing for such a long time. The assistants offered by Grace and Alana complimented Jane’s pace, slow and thorough. I was offered, as someone who had done quite a few years of wheel throwing, to work at my own pace. It was extremely satisfying ‘turning’ the pots that we made on the Saturday and preparing them with ‘slip’, being taught how to make handles & attach them, as well as decorating the pots with various textures. Great value for money. I highly recommend taking part in this course.
July 2017, Adamantia Kambouropoulos

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