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Alana Casey

Alana Casey - Slow Clay Centre Clay Club Teacher

Alana’s love of pottery started while she was living and working in Japan where she was exposed to beautiful and unique tableware on a daily basis. Part-time classes turned into an obsession and on her return to Melbourne in 2015 she  found a ‘stimulating and supportive community’ with us at Slow Clay Centre (we love her too!).

Alana is a great example of our learning pathway as she has confidently moved through various phases of development with us and is now producing her own ceramics under the name Usagi ceramics and teaching in various courses across our centre including our Studio Practice Program and in a teacher training capacity. Alana has extensive experience teaching and is continually expanding her expertise, both as a teacher and a life-long student of pottery. She is a warm, caring and lively person and a valuable member of our team.

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