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Erinn McAlpine

Erinn’s journey with ceramics began when she completed a full-time Advanced Diploma at Homelsglen Insititue of Tafe and in 2015 she enrolled at Slow Clay Centre  to learn our wheel methods based on Japanese wheel techniques.  She then completed an internship with us which lead to employment as one of our technicians and she is now teaching our Beginners wheel classes. We are so  pleased when special people like Erinn move through this developmental pathway with us. Not only do they  they make fabulous teachers but also fabulous ceramic artists!

Erinn was initially drawn to clay as a medium from growing up in country Victoria. Spending time exploring the natural elements and seeing a correlation between geology and ceramic materials and processes. Now based in Melbourne, she continues to draw inspiration from the varied Australian landscape while bush walking and travelling. Drawing from the textual surfaces found on rock formations or the colour pallet the natural elements offer helps her in making her material choices. Erinn’s studio practice encompasses a range of table ware and planters. She loves to make elevated practical pieces that are to be used everyday. Whether its a cup to enjoy a quiet tea or plates for sharing food with friends and family, ceramics is what she brings to the table.

As a teacher, Erinn’s patient and encouraging approach ensures students learn and expand on their current capabilities in a supported and caring environment.

Erinn is currently on maternity leave.

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