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Alyssa Nuttall

Alyssa holds a Bachelor of Clinical Psychology and Music and started her journey with clay in 2018. She completed an internship at Slow Clay Centre in 2019 which led to employment as a studio technician and now we are lucky to have her as a teacher of our Beginner’s Wheel courses. What began as a creative hiatus has led to a passion for ceramics and pursuing a career as a teacher and artist.

Alyssa’s current work takes suggestions from the natural world to explore the notion of home and feeling. Using her hands and very minimal tools, she treats clay as a playful enhancement of possibility, using its ephemeral quality to reflect on the boundary between functionality and art. She hopes to translate how we can increase interaction with art in our daily lives, through the narratives of everyday objects.

Alyssa is passionate about helping others on their journey to build the technical skills required to translate their ideas into ceramics. Her teaching style is encouraging, warm, and open.

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