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Robyn Phelan

Robyn Phelan has an active exhibition practice and is curated and selected into a broad range of contemporary art, craft and ceramic exhibitions and projects. Her doctorate studies were in the School of Art, RMIT University(2024) where she also teaches in History and Cultures, Ceramics Studio and Professional Practice. Her theoretical research into contemporary ceramic practice brings an exceptional degree of rigour to her teaching. She is a board member of The Australian Ceramic Association and has worked across many of Melbourne’s significant cultural institutions including Craft, National Gallery of Victoria and West Space ARI.
With a foundation in the materiality of clay and the process and history of ceramics, Robyn’s poetic sculptural objects embody her touch on clay and the affect sensed at the site of making. We welcome Robyn to the teaching team at Slow Clay Centre in 2024 where she joins our Hand-Building/Sculptural program.

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