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Finding Your Palettewith Amelia Black

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This workshop is presented as part of Craft Contemporary 2023, an initiative of Craft/@Craftvictoria

This special workshop will introduce you to some structured methods for creating an accurate reproducible palette of colours for use in ceramic glazes. Using a mid-temperature base glaze, experienced ceramic artist and glaze technician Amelia Black* will be your guide as she unpacks the mysteries of colour development in easy to understand terms.

Sunday 15 and 22 October, 2023, 1-5pm

$215 ($195 concession, current SCC students and Craft Victoria members) 

Venue: Slow Clay Centre, 13 Keele St, Collingwood, Victoria

Budding potters usually buy pre-mixed glazes from a glaze supplier however it is a bit like buying a packet cake mix from a supermarket – everyone’s cake will taste the same! This workshop will provide the fundamentals of glaze testing by giving you practical experience to create a personalised palette of glaze colourants and the bonus is you will save money in the future by learning how to mix your own glazes!

Join experienced ceramic artist and glaze technician Amelia Black* for an immersive hands-on specialist ceramics colour workshop where you will explore the art of colour blending in glazes and create your very own triaxial test using the “gold-standard” volumetric blending method.

Using a mid-fire glaze, participants will dive into the world of ceramic glaze colours and discover some of the science and creativity behind achieving stunning results beyond the standard store-bought options.

Pre-requisites: No prior experience in ceramics or glazing is required. This workshop is suitable for beginners and intermediate-level artists looking to expand their knowledge and skills in ceramic glaze testing. All materials and tools will be provided.

Outcomes: By the end of the workshop you will have created your own triaxial colour blend tests and have full access to the other participant’s results which will build a small library of test results and serve as a valuable reference for future glazing projects.

You will leave with a deeper understanding of how to work with colour in ceramics, the volumetric blending method, and the confidence to keep exploring and customising your own glaze colours in the future.

*Amelia Black is an American-born ceramic artist and design researcher based in Naarm/Melbourne who holds an MFA in Design Criticism(NY) and who co-founded Studio Ana, a community ceramics facility in New York NY, in 2016. Amelia has worked as a designer and strategist utilising sustainable practices and was lead researcher and production technician at Anchor Ceramics, 2021-present. A designer who can’t stop making, Amelia utilises a broad design skill set to research, make, and ultimately invest in the human experience of ideas through clay. Amelia’s work is focused on the materials that make up our ceramic practice and the explorations of where these materials come from today and what new materials we might be able to engage through ceramic technology to create a more sustainable approach to pottery.

Amelia will share their expertise and provide practical tips and techniques to help participants develop unique and individual signature glaze colours.

Terms & Conditions: Please familiarise yourself with our T&Cs. Your deposit is a commitment to attend and is therefore non-refundable, however, if we are able to find a replacement for you we will give you a credit for any balance of payment that can be used for any of our courses in the future, valid two years.

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CoVid19: Our studio follows all Covid Safe recommendations including air purifiers, extraction fans and cleaning after each class. If we have to re-schedule for any reason we will offer a choice of either a refund or credit note. 

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