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Studio Access Times (SATs)

Please note SATs have finished for 2020. Please keep an eye on this page for new dates in 2021.

SATs are unsupervised studio access sessions that are available for enrolled students in term Wheel and Form & Surface courses to practice or have some quiet making time.

Students must be enrolled in a term course, confident to work on their own and must be familiar with our studio processes.

If you are a beginner we like you to wait for a few classes until you become confident and familiar with our studio.

Please book carefully.  Due to high demand, if you book and don’t turn up or cancel at the last minute, you will be taking a spot that someone else could have used.  We can transfer you up to three days before but please know you will not be able to cancel after that. Please respect that we cannot give refunds for cancelled/unused SATs. If we find a replacement we can offer a credit for unused SATs.

We do not offer SATs for people outside our studio or for Porcelain students, sorry.

Please note: due to new CovidSafe arrangements our handbuilding room is not able to be used. All students are required to work in the wheel room until further notice. The wheels have new sturdy table tops fitted for hand builders.

Please respect other people’s personal needs for quiet time and move outside if you wish to chat or use your phone.

Fee covers use of studio clay, glazes, studio facilities and includes a wheel and work bench. Firing is extra: $10/kg. 

The following info applies to all SATs:

  • Please sign in on arrival and out when you leave.
  • Please leave clay to be re-pugged on the plaster batts on the wedging tables.
  • Please mop the floor around your wheel after the class and help clean the communal areas.
  • Please replace the table top on your wheel and the waste bucket and foot pedal
  • Please be polite and respect the needs of others for a quiet work time. Use your phone outside or turn it off.
  • Follow sensible health and safety guidelines: wet-cleaning only, no activities that make dust, wipe spillages immediately.




Please ignore the following – we have left it here for when we return to normal in 2021!

note the three categories for booking the Saturday SATs:

  1. Normal : Use this button if you are a new student, or a student returning after a gap, or a student who has used up your 2 x loyalty freebies. The cost is $30 per 3-hour session. 
  2. Missed Class : Anyone can use this button if you have missed a class and wish to have a replacement SAT. You can make up one missed class per term in any SAT, weekday or Saturday. Please note these are strictly limited use of one per term and must be used within the same term.
  3. *Loyalty Reward : Use this button if you are a continuing student (with no gap). You can only use it twice per term which means you have 2 x FREE SATs.  This is our gift to you for your loyalty to us!  Enjoy! You cannot roll over into another term if unused, sorry. Applies to all SATs, weekday and Saturday.

*Our loyalty rewards are for continuing students from one term to the next with no terms off in between. It is designed to reward students who stay with us to develop their skills because, after-all, that’s what we want for you! The reward is you receive two free SAT sessions (either 2-hr weekdays or 3-hr weekend). You can use this reward when you sign in to the session or when you book. Just ask us if it’s confusing!!!

Please note:

  • The final SAT for each term is only for glazing (if you need extra time or you missed your glaze class) or practice time. You cannot make any new things and expect to have them fired as they will not get through the kilns.
  • We ask you to starting cleaning up 15 minutes before the end of a SAT so you can finish promptly at the end of each SAT. Leave plenty of time to take care of your cleaning.
  • Please sign in when you arrive. We do cross-check the rolls.
  • Oh, and check our Facebook page before you leave home in case we have to cancel at the last minute! It sometimes happens and we reserve the right to do this if we need to.

Thank you and ENJOY!