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Sydney based ceramist Somchai Charoen creates vibrant sculptures out of slip-cast porcelain. Mould making and slip casting used to be considered the domain of the industrial. Whilst remaining in active use in industry, there are now many artists who utilise this technique to create innovative and extraordinary artworks. Somchai Charoen is one of them and his knowledge of mould making and slip casting processes is exemplary and innovative. Using moulds gives Somchai the flexibility to experiment with layering and repeating forms. His Jaegun vertical sculpture vases playfully stack arrangements of bold geometric shapes on top of each other. Fresh from his exhibition at Grauprojekt, we are excited to bring this wonderful Sydney based artist back to Melbourne for a one-day workshop on 20 October to demonstrate some of his innovative techniques. Participants will have the opportunity to bring their own pieces for analysis.

Somchai Charoen is a Thai born ceramic artist based in Sydney who has exhibited both nationally and internationally. Trained in industrial ceramics design, he was a former lecturer at Silpakorn University, Thailand. Since migrating to Australia in 2002, he has worked commercially as a mould and model maker as well as established his ceramic home ware label Eat Clay. Somchai is a co-founder of Belmore ITCH, a creative for non-ceramic artists to experiment, explore and interpret the medium.

Somchai has over twenty years experience in making plaster moulds for ceramics. He likes to challenge his skills by making moulds that will explore the idea and possibilities of what the mould making technique can be. For example  he has created plaster moulds that can be easily be used to make a number of composite moulds or can be connected in different ways by having parts that can be constructed or of flexible arrangement. Somchai will showcase his latest new mould making and slip casting techniques by creating plaster moulds that are able to dip into the slip to create the forms instead of  pouring slip into the plaster moulds.

This will be an intense day of valuable learning about this highly specialised field of ceramics! 


When: Sunday 20 October, 2019 
Time: 10-4.30pm
Price: Normal $195  Student/UE $175/PDP$155