Do you offer a firing service?

We fire all our student’s work at the end of each term but we do not offer a firing service to the public. We recommend our buddies at Northcote Pottery Supplies.

Why come to Slow Clay Centre?
At SCC we are uniquely placed as leaders in ceramics education. Our teachers are recognised exhibiting ceramic artists, often represented by leading galleries, and have held leadership positions in the tertiary sector and/or are qualified educationists. Whether you are just starting out or you have high ambitions, we are confident you will receive an outstanding experience. We also work closely with TAFE and Universities to help provide students pathways for the future and conversly we offer tertiary students further study choices with our leading artists.
How long is a term at SCC and how often do I attend?
Our terms are 8 weeks long and students attend once per week. We welcome students who book more than one class a week because they will see very quick development and we offer a 10% discount for multiple bookings. Please email us first to receive a discount code that you can use when booking online.
Does SCC offer discounts?
Yes, we offer 10% discount for full-time students and unemployed and also for anyone who enrols in more than one class per term. This applies to all multiple classes. For example, if you enrol in a weekly class and then decide to enrol in a guest artist workshop, or any other class during the same term, you would receive the discount for the second class.
Can you book a term in advance?
Yes and no: Yes, you can book any of our Guest Artist Workshops, Short Courses and Weekend Intensives in advance and you can also enrol in our beginner’s classes in advance. However, all our mixed level classes give priority to enrolled students who would like to continue from one term to the next and we therefore only open for enrolment for these classes about a month before the start dates. If you sign up for our e-newsletter here you will receive first notice when we open for new enrolments.
Do I need to pay in advance?
Yes, all classes require either a deposit or full payment to confirm your booking – depends on which class you enrol in.
What should I wear?
Comfortable clothes that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty!
What should I bring?

We ask students to bring a hand towel to each class and a notebook and pen is a great way to keep track of instructions!

Is GST included?


Can I pay with credit card?

Yes, all classes can be paid by credit card through our online booking system.

Do your classes separate students at different levels of skill?

Wheel classes are either Beginner or Intermediate and above levels. Other classes are mixed levels with students learning together but the teacher often separates the levels within the class. The dividing line between levels is fairly relaxed and if you have some prior experience we encourage you to contact us to chat about your individual needs before you enrol. For advanced levels we offer one-to-one mentoring which is a chance to develop your work with experienced tertiary-level expertise. We love to see people improve and stay with us for long-term development so we are always looking for ways to meet your level.

What are “SATS”? Can I come and use the facilities in my own time?

“SATs” stand for Studio Access Times and yes, our enrolled students can use the studio during SAT times. We are not a drop-in studio for anyone to access our space, sorry. SATs are only available if you are currently enrolled in a course with us (not available for workshop attendees – just weekly wheel and handbuilding courses). In 2017 our SAT times are Monday and Tuesday 1-4pm and Friday and Saturday 10am – 1pm. The fee is $30 for up to three hours and unlimited use of our standard mid-fire stoneware clay – provided you fire your pieces with us. If you wish to use other clays you will need to purchase them separately. We have a loyalty program for continuing students where we give two free SATs per term with unlimited clay (continuing means from one term to the next: not available in the first term or if you take a break, sorry!). NOTE: Our SAT times are subject to change and are a gift to our students. We will post a cancellation on our Facebook page so please check it before attending. We reserve the right to cancel them at any time for any reason.

Do you have a firing service?

We fire everything that students wish to keep for a flat fee of $8.50 per kilogram weight. Strictly for enrolled students only!

What if I am sick and miss a class?

If you miss a class for any reason you can make up ONE missed class per term in any Studio Access Time (“SAT”) of your choice. See “SAT’s” for more information.

Is there anyone who can’t do pottery on the wheel?

Anyone can do the hand building classes but for the wheel classes we suggest that you get a doctor’s opinion if you have a bad back, neck, shoulders or wrists. It is a more physically demanding activity and requires a bit of strength. Anyone physically fit can master the wheel with practice and perseverance! It often requires about three terms to start feeling comfortable with it so be prepared to join us for a while if you can!

What is the minimum age for Slow Clay classes

You need to be 16 or over to attend Slow Clay classes. Our teen classes are open for 12-16 year olds and Clay Club classes are for children aged 7-12. The is a bit of overlap and we do not take these ages very seriously so please chat with us if you are unsure.

How can I enrol?

Our weekly courses (attend by the term) open each term for new enrolments on a specified date that is published at the top of each class information page. We apologise we cannot take bookings before that date – unless you have a gift voucher. After that date our classes will appear on our website as open for booking. You can then follow the prompts to book using a credit card. You will need to pay a $90-$100 non-refundable deposit to hold a place. If no options appear for you to book then it means we are not yet open for new enrolments. Please check back in a few weeks to the new date to appear. You can enrol via our office on 03 9943 7844 with a credit card (full payments only, no deposit option). Please email us first to receive a discount code if you are a full-time student (quote your card number) or unemployed.

Why can’t I see any classes?

Please be aware that you may not see options for bookings on our web site if we have just started a term of classes. If you cannot see options for booking classes please make a note in your diary to return in a couple of weeks. Usually we re-open for bookings about half way each term. This enables us to offer our existing students time to hold and book their places for the forthcoming term before we open to the public for new bookings. The opening dates are usually about mid-November, mid-March, mid-May and mid-August each year. Please accept our apologies but we hope you can join us as soon as we re-open for new bookings.

Is Slow Clay Centre open to visitors?

Yes, we would be happy to show you our beautiful facilities but you need to make an appointment please (preferably by email). We are not a retail business and don’t keep office hours and we are often busy teaching so if you turn up without an appointment you might be disappointed – or you might strike it lucky!

Do you have an educational philosophy?

We are passionate about education, passionate about ceramics and passionate about community. All our classes are taught by leading ceramics teachers who are also practising ceramic artists. Our philosophy is based on open-ended exploration grounded in a solid foundation of skill and a conceptual appreciation of art and ideas. From our little centre in Collingwood, Melbourne, we love building interest in ceramics and in what all ceramic artists are doing around the world and welcome you to join us!

How do I keep up with new classes and activities at SCC?

We are growing and we love thinking up new classes, activities and forums and welcome you to join our community. Please LIKE our Facebook page and FOLLOW us on Instagram and sign up to our e-news here so you don’t miss out! We have a news section on our web site and we also have a database where we have waiting lists for all classes so email us to get on it. Our e-news is generally once per month and we will not give your information to any 3rd party.

What are our terms and conditions?


These apply to all Slow Clay Centre classes.

  1. Non-refundable deposit or full payment (depending on the course) must be made at time of booking.
  2. Please choose your classes carefully. Due to our limited class sizes once you’ve booked and paid either the deposit or the full fee we will only refund what you have paid if the class is cancelled. If you are unable to attend after booking you may transfer your booking to a friend for no charge or, provided we can fill your place, you can hold your payment for up to 12 months for a future course. Please note: when paying by deposit online the balance is automatically deducted from the same credit card four weeks before the course start date through our booking agency We Teach Me.
  3. Please note that making ceramics on the wheel can be a physically demanding activity and it is usual to feel a little stiff initially. However, if you have any pre-existing or chronic injuries to your back, shoulders, neck, wrists or elbows you are strongly advised to seek a medical opinion before enrolling as some activities might exacerbate past injuries and we take no responsibility if this occurs.
  4. All work made during classes is to be used for personal, non-commercial purposes. This is negotiable for advanced students or for studio exhibitions but we ask students to accept that the emphasis of classes is strictly on education rather than on production.
  5. Teaching fees are fully inclusive of materials but students incur a firing fee dependent on the work they produce.  handling fee plus $8.50 per kg.

Weekly classes:

These additional conditions apply to all Slow Clay Centre weekly classes.

  1. Students are allocated a board and shelf for storage and must contain their work to that space for wet work in progress.
  2. If needed, you may transfer to a different class time within the same term for no fee – provided there is a place available.
  3. One missed lesson per term can be made up in any Studio Access Time (SATs) within the term you have booked.
  4. Studio Access Times (SATs) are available to all enrolled students during term times. We offer Monday, Tuesday and Friday afternoons, 1 – 4pm, and Saturdays 10am-1pm. Cost: $30 for up to three hours, unlimited clay.  We reserve the right to cancel any sessions without notice that may conflict with other events, although we always try to post on our Facebook page 24 hours prior. Please check www.facebook/slowclay to avoid disappointment.
  5. Loyalty offer: Continuing students receive two SAT sessions per term FREE (worth $60 plus clay). Only available for enrolled weekly students continuing from one term to another without a break and must be used within the term they are enrolled.

Regarding kids Clay Club:

These apply to all Slow Clay Centre kids Clay Club classes.

  1. It is your responsibility to clearly report in writing on the enrolment form, any illness or disability that may affect your child’s involvement in the Clay Club activities.
  2. Please sign your children into each class and sign again on pick up.
What is our refund policy?

Please choose your classes carefully. Due to our limited class sizes once you've booked and paid either the deposit or the full fee we will only refund what you have paid if the class is cancelled. If you are unable to attend you may transfer your booking to a friend for no charge or, provided we can fill your place, we can hold your payment in credit for up to 12 months for a future course.

Automatic payments

Please note: all deposits are non-refundable. When paying by deposit online the remaining balance will be automatically deducted from the same credit card three weeks before the course start date through our booking agency We Teach Me. If you paid offline through our office you will receive an automatic reminder to pay the balance three weeks before the start date and it is your responsibility to attend to this payment promptly or you could forfeit your class. We have limited places available and you risk losing your place if you have not paid the balance when prompted. Thank you for your understanding!