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A workshop in three sessions with Prue Venables

Wheel throwing with porcelain is challenging enough but altering and firing brings a whole other set of challenges! Prue Venables is one of Australia’s most accomplished ceramicists. Practicing her craft since 1977, her work has transcended from the traditional object to a sculptural entity that mimics the useful and everyday.
With a mastery of porcelain, she has experimented in working with high temperature porcelain across studio and industrial domains. For Venables, throwing provides a source of components and forms to be altered and reconstructed; procedures in this particular material are complex, risky and require great skill, yet, produce an outcome that appears simple and seeks to deny the inherent difficulty of their origin. A decade of learning silversmithing enables Venables to add new textures and forms, plus further extensions into invention and discovery, previously prohibited by the technical limitations of porcelain alone.

Content: In this special workshop you will be guided to design, plan and make multiple wheel-thrown components that will then be trimmed, assembled and joined by you to create unique new objects! Everything will be fired in-house by us and you’ll get them back a few weeks later. Prue’s methods of joining and firing will be addressed in detail to reduce risks and whilst success is never guaranteed, you will not be in better hands to learn how to manage the whole process!

This workshop comprises three sessions. Students must be able to attend all three:
Three sessions:
Friday 2 August 6-9pm
Saturday 3 August 9am-12pm
Sunday 4 August 10am-4pm
Price: $625 Full price/ $595 Earlybird Discount