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Enrolment update:
We want to take this opportunity to explain a little about our enrolment process. We run our weekly classes by the term, four terms per year and we open for new enrolments each term on a specific date – about half way through an exisiting term for the next one.  The dates will be publicised on our website a few weeks in advance so if you don’t see a date or the ability to enrol, please re-visit our web site again a few weeks later.

We do not keep waiting lists for our weekly courses because leading up to this date we give priority to current students who wish to continue with us from one term to another to re-enrol because, well, we are simply committed to education and the developmental pathway! So if you are too, then we are a great match! We know that this inevitably means that sometimes our classes are either full before we open to the public or have very few spots available for new students and we sincerely apologise if you are one of the eager punters who have been waiting for ages but are frustrated with missing out.

It is not our intention to make it difficult to enrol – we want to welcome everyone! – but we simply have more demand than we can cater for right now. However, we are lateral thinkers and we are constantly coming up with new alternatives!  In the meantime, the best we can suggest is to thoroughly check all our courses in case there’s another course with spots available that you can do. This is a great entry point to our studio  because once you are in you can transfer to a different course for the following term.

We hope this helps and we truly value your interest and desire to join our community and look forward to welcoming you one day soon!

In the meantime, please check this little video that one of our students made with our director, Jane Sawyer, and our teaching method for preparing your clay! You can practice on some dough at home!