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A Year of Awesome!

By 30/11/2017News

At Slow Clay Centre we are super pleased to join some other amazing businesses who are donating to this wonderful cause: A Year of Awesome by Playground Ideas.

Our prize is a private class for a family to come together for some fun at Slow Clay Centre. There are heaps of wonderful prizes including a family trip to Vietnam! To be eligible you need to buy your $5 raffle tickets now! See link below!

Playground Ideas have a great aim: to make new playgrounds for kids in developing countries. Play is well-known and proven to increase capacity of kid’s brains and at Slow Clay Centre our teaching/learning relationship is underpinned by the power of PLAY and OPEN-ENDED DISCOVERY! This can only happen when individuals feel empowered and confident to take risks. We can learn this best as children when our job is to play! So, at Slow Clay Centre we totally support this cause and are totally happy to encourage you to purchase some tickets to help them!

Time is running out to get your tickets! The deadline is Wednesday 6 December 2017 See to purchase your $5 raffle tickets for some great prizes!