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7 little Australians joined 7 Americans for an exhibition titled Omnus Terra at Gallery 114 in Portland Oregan, US, March 22-25. This was one of about 40 exhibitions around town shown in conjunction with the national NCECA conference. Slow Clay director Jane Sawyer was one of the Aussies there and welcomed the chance not just to show her work to a new audience but to attend the famous annual NCECA conference and make new connections both for Slow Clay Centre and for her ceramic work. Thanks go to curator-exhibitors Shannon Garson and Linda Fahey for inviting us and to all the other artists.

Australian exhibitors: Shannon Garson, Fiona Hiscock, Jane Sawyer, Gerry Wedd, Fleur Schell, Megan Puls, Vicki Grima

US Exhibitors: Linda Fahey, Crystal Morey, Brett Freund, Michelle Gregor, Malia Landis, Troy Bungart, Joel Blum

Article by curator/exhibitior, Shannon Garson:

This podcast was recorded in the Omnus Terra exhibition by Ben Carter and posted on Tales of a Red Clay Rambler.

And you can also catch up with a whole lot of lectures and panel discussions from the NCECA conference starting with the opening address by art critic Jerry Saltz here: