We have taken delivery of our new turning tools and they are finally available for sale! Made locally in Melbourne’s 6th lockdown to our own design, it is such a blast to finally be able to offer these beautiful and functional tools for sale. If you have ever attended wheel classes at Slow Clay Centre you would have been taught trimming/turning using this particular style of tool because they JUST MAKE SENSE! One tool contains 8 tools and can do so much! There’s a large and a small end (for large and small pots!) and each end has a flat blade, a curved corner, a right angle corner and a vertical blade. They are closely modelled on Jane Sawyer’s Japanese teacher’s tools. Jane trained as a production potter with Shussai-Gama, a traditional Japanese pottery, and Slow Clay wheel students are taught using techniques she learnt in Japan. We have never been able to find any other tools in Australia that do the job so well. See the videos below about how to use them, care for them and sharpen them they should last you about, oh, say, about 20 years! $36 retail plus postage. (10% discount to current students) Just send us a message via info@slowclay.com and order one!