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We host guest artist workshops occasionally, every few months. We have had many artists visit to conduct workshops, most work closely with us to create something unique to us and we do not necessarily repeat them.  We try to produce a little video either before or during each workshop, for our archives and as a gift for the artist. We upload them to our YouTube and Vimeo channels for you to enjoy too. It is hard work with hours of editing by our capable video producer, Sabrina Talarico (thanks Sabrina!).

The latest videos to go up are about Sandy Lockwood and Neil Hoffman’s workshops with us in 2016. They were incredible workshops. We actively refuse to use the term “master potter” (due to associations with elitism and the establishment and confusion with gender bias) however, we host artists whom we know are fabulous role models, who make unique, distinctive work and have paved a way for their work contributing to culture over their lifetime. Sandy and Neil fit these criteria and more!

It is with great pleasure that we offer you these videos and hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed their workshops! Our next guest artist workshop is on 21-22 October 2017, with Mike Martino from Japan.